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Here's the Deal....I need info 150 Views 11/10/06
I want to know. My profile specifies seeking age 22-30, and I have had so many 40+men emailing me and starting chats. What is it about my profile that is giving them the impression that I am interested. And they are not just chatting to chat, they are seeking something else. After chatting with them they give themselves away that they actually read the profile, but WHAT? CHOSE to ignore some of the things on there or WHAT? HELP!! Should we just post a pic and think up an unusual username and see what happens, without giving any other information? ANGRY & FRUSTRATED RED
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Skinny Dippin' 889 Views 06/25/06
Skinny Dippin' or as I prefer Chunky Dunkin'. I have done it and am by no means "skinny", but everytime was at night and the moon was half or less. My username states SHY, but sometimes just gotta let that crazy REDNECK out to play. I want to know how many BBWs/BHM would chunky dunk given the right place and with the right people.
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