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How many are tired of the head games in the singles site? Posted on Sun, May 20, 2007 15:02
How many of you ladies are soooo tired of the singles game, and haveing your profile on sites where you are not getting any responses?? Ive about given up. Just when I think Ive found someone who is a match for me, something happens....Usually tells me that he doesnt want a LTR, and enjoys his space. I WANT to start out as friends and find my best friend. Taking one day at a time with our minds open. Once I committ to you, thats it. No more men in my life. Even if we just date, I wont date others if you and I make a connection. Yes, Im so very tired of the single sites and wish to take my profile off because I found someone, not because Im disgusted with the sites. Im hanging in there tho. Trying to at least..LOL.
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