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Light Me Up Posted on Fri, Oct 13, 2006 10:29
I have to ask. Why the hell is cereal 4.00 a box? What is that? I mean, it???s cereal! And yes, I eat cereal. I love cereal. But I will not pay 4.00 a box for cereal. I have, in my quest for cereal, turned to store and off brands. I mean Cheerios are Cheerios no matter how much you wrap them up! I have no problem with either except for two things. And that brings me to today???s blog topic???Pet Peeves, Toilet Paper and POP-Tarts. Because you see my lovies, there is no substitute for Kelloggs POP-tarts. None. Not store brand. Not off brand. And no matter what my mother said, as a child, I wouldn???t eat the off brand POP-tarts???I gave them all to my brother. Oh, and TP? Back when I was about 15 kazillion months pregnant with #1 son I remember shopping with a friend. I needed toilet paper. She handed me a package and I promptly handed it back to her and said, ???If I wanted to wipe my butt with tree bark, I???d live in the woods.??? I have lived by that rule and it has stood me in good stead until recently when I had a bad TP experience. I strayed. Money was a bit tight, and well, I had a coupon for Scott???which is neither store nor off brand???and it???s one of the last few brands you can get FOUR rolls of (yes something else to bitch about. What happened to just buying 4 rolls of TP?). Anyway, I get home and discover *sob* I???ve bought Tree Bark. Even the kids noticed. I. Am. Totally. Appalled. I don???t even buy my cats off-brand food (cuz I don???t want to clean up their barf but anyway???.) A few other random peevy things that light my ass up: People who talk for no other reason than to flap their lips, people who forward emails and don???t know how to BCC (this will get you yelled at and possibly lit aflame), and people who piss and moan about the same sh8t over and over and over again just make me wish I had a permit to carry a concealed handgun. And I KNOW I???m not alone. So fess up, what lights your a$$ up?
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