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Posted on Jan 11, 2007 at 11:57 AM

This is just in case the first one didn't go through. This is a statemen on behalf of men that have been getting the brush off for no reason. And also to defend those, who's words have not been heard. For starters. This is in regards to people that think that the majority of males are "dogs" or "cheaters". Before putting a label on someone (especially if you don't know them). Is both wrong and fool haerty. There is alot more to things than meets the eyes. For you have to put into consideration about what the man has done and what he went through prior to the infidelity. For instance, if the communication or the contact within the relationship died off for one person, but the other person keeps persuing it, but still gets nothing in return. Is it wrong of him to seek the communcation and comfort from another person. Yes it is morally wrong, and a poor judgment choice. There are just some things and instances in life, that cannnot be avoided or changed. No matter how much things may hurt or how much a person tries, but gets nothing in return. Also while communicating with someone new. As things go along and feelings maybe addressed and created. To maintain any form of positivity between the two people. Plus to ensure that there are no mis understandings along the way. I ask everyone to try to make sure that if you are no longer interested in the person, in any way shape or form. TO at least try to get back to the person with some form of communication to let them know that you are no longer interested. So you can go on in life guilt free, and that person can attempt to go on in life, and try to find something new.

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