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Posted on May 08, 2006 at 07:56 AM

Ok, I'm at the mall with my friends... I was a little late gitting their cause one of my friends couldn't dicide whether or not to go (ahhh, so annoing) anyway we got their and went and saw a movie. After that we were walking around and I went to the shoe store that the guy worked at... He was at break. I got all worked up over nothing... but then I saw him walking in to the store, my friends where chating away and didn't even notice, we looked in to each others eyes as we passed eachother from oppisite ends of the hall way and waved at eachother. My friends, compleatly clueless keept walking. Ahhh... I swear next time I'm not takeing them with me to the mall... especialy that one, I could have talked to him but no, my friends don't pay any notice and when their finially done looking around. they want to head to another mall before going home. Hello, for being good friends you shure are killing my love life. Anyway I am definitly going back soon. He was to nice to pass up and to attractive (at lease to me) for me to ignore. After all how often do I git the chance at a guy I find both nice and attractive...Ummm... not very often. Ok so I am going to be brave and go see him. I just hope you all where right about going for it.

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