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Posted on Mon, May 08, 2006 08:46

Ok, I forgot to add some stuff. My e-mail pal is buisy lately and I haven't heard from him in a week. Another guy I talk to has my number and I thought he didn't call but when I checked my cell I found a unknown number called me...Is it him? Should I call back and find out? I don't know. I spilled tea on me this morning and was late for class cause I had to change. I finished my part of an english project. I have another guy that wants to IM me but I have a hard enough time keeping up with my e-mail... . I am thinking about gitting pict. done to try to be a plus size model... still not shure about it, after all I am rounder than lane bryant models. It's the short upper body and averege leggs... makes me look like I have long leggs but makes me have no waste... dose that mean my screen name isn't accurate? Oh well... I look good anyways, Long looking legs (thick thighs... no thanks mom)and big chest... only draw back is round tummy and considering this is a BBW site I don't think thats a problem (although I am thinking about excercising to make it flatter... I at lease want a waist even though I will never have a tiny waist with my short upper body).

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Posted on Mon, Aug 21, 2006 17:38

I have a small(ish) waist, but HUGE hips. I guess they call that the "hourglass" shape. Even when I was really small (and I WAS once) I still had these WIDE hips. But everybody has something they don't like about their body. (Well, MOST people anyway.) I think you should go for the modeling thing though. You're really pretty, and very photogenic. Just give it a try...

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