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Posted on Mon, Apr 10, 2006 09:19

Ok so this weekend I was going to see the guys (The Rescue Band) but apparently got the date wrong. I ended up hanging out with my friend doing nothing in particular with her gripping about losing a two week boyfriend due to something stupid that she did and me gripping about not even knowing or meeting any guys to date let alone have as a boyfriend. So hear we are in mutual misery saying we are lonely. Is this normal? to be lonely with your best friend in the seat beside you? What is wrong with us? She is average size and just as cute as me, I'm big and cute... Why don't we have men lined up at our doors? I'm confused... must be a personality deficiency. My mom said I need to dress more grown up and conservative (in other words boring, boxy, and concealing). Why should I, a woman reaching the age of 25 dress like an older more conservative woman? Because I'm big and I like guys that are well dressed, that's why. My mom said it, not me. I hate that. Just because I'm large and I have a thing for guys that are my opposite I have to dress and act different. Well, all I can say is GO TO HELL! I like that I'm different and experiment with my clothing. I like that I act young and can have fun but still be a responsible adult. I like dressing in short skirts, tight jeans, t-shirts with silly sayings on them, revealing blouses, v-neck tops, ect..

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Posted on Mon, Aug 21, 2006 17:11

I hate it when people tell me how to dress! Though I admit, since I've gotten bigger, I can't wear what I'd like to anymore. I use to go out in the little black dress. Now I go out in what ever I can find to cover me the most. Sad...And I know just what you mean about the "nothing to do, and no one to do it with". My life has changed so dramatically since I had my kids and put on so much weight. I use to go out all the time. Now I just sit home and stare at the screen waiting for my Prince Charming to come to me. I know a lot of people will think I'm on the pity pot, but I guess I just haven't reached that point yet where I'm comfortable with my weight. And speaking for JUST MYSELF, I don't know that I ever will. Sigh...All covered up, and no where to go...:( You're really beautiful though curvy Tigeress, and I bet you'd look great in a paper sack. Wear what YOU feel good in!

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