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Posted on Apr 28, 2006 at 09:11 AM

Ok, I was talking to some friends of mine and one of the guys seid that when he first walked up to me he didn't recognize me... that lead me to look at my pictures from the last 2years of which I have posted up on my profile.... I look like an entirely diffrent person because of my hairstyle. I can't belive it. I don't look like I'm someone increadably diffrent but it looks like a pict of 2 sisters with simular features but diffrent looks. Anyways I have decided to post new picts so as to not be deciveing about my looks but it will take a few days cause I don't have a camra right now. So anyone who's interested in seeing a before and after shot of me just look for a blog with the title- Tigeress BEFORE/AFTER

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