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Funny, sexy, nice lookin, kind, sensual, so am big??? Wot?? Posted on Fri, Jun 23, 2006 05:51
I chat to people on the internet, they say am funny and am nice lookin and seem like a nice person but as soon as they know am a size 18/20 (which by the way I dont think is particularly big) but society has put me in the "Large" bracket, they're not interested. Not very good for your confidence cos I know am a beautiful person and have a lot to offer someone who loves me like I could love them. Right I'll get off my soapbox now - i've said what I think. You gorgeous men out there, there is a STAR here just waiting to be picked from heaven. Believe me, you wont be dissapointed. Why should I lose weight just to flippin well fit in!!!! Pink loves ya Big kisses to you all xxxxxxx