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Who was that Winker? or My first evening here! Posted on Mon, Jul 21, 2008 02:38
Being new to this site... I have to admit I was surprised! I promote it as an affiliate and I equate BBW with LLW - Large, Lovely woman! Now I realize this is a BBW dating site and I do fit this criteria. But why does the very first winker have a profile that states his preference is a woman with very big breasts as being a plus... only phrased less tactfully than that... and without humor no less! I did wink back a polite no thanks... but my initial impression of this site was momentarily less than what I'd expected! Then I read many of the blogs here (well at least several!) and there is humor here and that is very refreshing and... it feels more like a community than I ever expected! ...and I aleady copied and pasted some of the funny stuff posted here onto other community blogs etc... great resource room for new material! Will I meet my one and only? Will I be puzzled again over a "Who was that Winker?" Will I come up with something of interest for my blogs here? I sure hope so!