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Posted on May 07, 2006 at 10:02 AM

Salutations Friends, I've read many of the blogs and it appears many of share the same issues. Yet, do you wonder? Am I doing what I am supposed to do in with my life? Let's face it life can be very hectic!!! I have dated a few people online, friends have hooked me up and my occassional traditional dating attempts. I love online dating because it weeds out some of the crazies---NOT ALL!!! I know that I would enjoy being in a committed relationship again!!! I am re-evaluating my life and it is time for a change!!! I do not want to date people that don't want to be serious or don't know what they want. Life is to long not to make a difference!!! I'm working on making life better for my family, friends and especially my students. If you are feeling me, send me some good vibes and positivity!!!! I promised myself this year to be with good people and that's what I am doing!!! Are you worthy? Do you have a heart to encourage? Is there someone out there willing to take a chance to make a difference? LIVING LA VIDA LOCA, is often working against the mainstream? or reminding people they have a choice!!!! Let a sista know, are you ready for a change? Your Favorite, Nubian Diva

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