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  • More to Love is making BBW's look BAD!!
  • Hello Sweeties,

    I have been watching More to Love and I am so disappointed in the way they are showing these beautiful women on National TV.¿ Who were the people who picked these women?¿ Were they looking for insecure, whinn...

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Is it the Economy! Posted on Aug 19, 2012 at 02:44 PM

Hi Large friends,

One question where have the good men gone?  Is the Economy causing our big friendly scrumptous men to stay home?  Is everyone on here looking for a one night stand or are you trying to fit everything into one date due to money...Let me know!  I know things are tight for everyone, but does that take away from romance and good manners.  Where are the good guys?  Take care NINI.

More to Love makes BBW's look sad!!! Posted on Aug 12, 2009 at 04:16 AM

Ok, I'm enjoying some entertainment Tv, and came upon More to Love about Beautiful BBW's.¿ And I have to say it made feel very sad and angry at the same time.¿ It seems these producer went to different parts of the USA and picked the most insecure, whinning women I have ever seen, and they are to representing how I feel about dating and love...come on now!!¿ I know some BBw's that would have blown that mans mind from the first meeting with simply greeting him at the beginning!!¿ Most of them on there seem to be a little creepy, and loved starved and it hurt my heart to see that.¿ Granted they push there are more women than men, but love is in the eye of the beholder.

BBW"s aren't whining, begging, balls of nerves women. We are intellegent, employed, lovers, survivors, nuturers, sirens, Hera's, adventurous, happy, sexy.¿ We know how to embrace life and enjoy every sweet moment from it!! And as my Grandma always said " If you love yourself(sweet flaws) and all, walk with your head tall and your shoulders back..People can't help but love you...because they see what you feel.¿ Peace and Love to all my magnificant ,Bold BBW's

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