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Going Out on a Limb Posted on Fri, Mar 31, 2006 06:58
Ok, so I've decided to climb out onto that proverbial limb and post photos. I know I'm running the risk of people in my community running across them and giving me hell about looking for relationships online, but what the heck... It's hard, as a single Mom who works, to find a guy to spend time with. I mean come on, I've tried the produce department thing and I'm telling you there just aren't that many men shopping for onions unless they've already got someone to chop them for. Add to that the fact that I work a really strange schedule and it's looking more and more bleak all the time. Perhaps with the photos out there *someone* will run across them who'll think I don't look *too* psychotic and might take a chance on me. By the way, I had NO idea there were so many men who actually seek us bigger women out. I googled "BBW personal ads" on a whim during a particularly lonely evening and was astounded by the number of sites catering to this community. Apparantly these sexy men have realized just how much passion can be found inside these nice, soft bodies. ;)