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Posted on Nov 06, 2006 at 08:04 AM

WHO AM I? Who am I? Does any body know? What's it like to be me? From the top of my head To the tip of my toes I am a mother I've given life I am a lover A soon to be wife I am a daughter And viewed with love I am a sister To more than one I am an aunt To quite a few I love them all From the oldest to the one that is new I am Hispanic My father's culture I take So proud to bilingual With respect in my heritage I partake I'm beautiful inside and out My confidence shines thru I am aware of my vanity Yet know that I am humble too This is I Complex, yet plain So many things missing Too many to explain Mother, Lover, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Hispanic, Bilingual, Proud, Beautiful, Confident, Vain, Humble, Complex and Plain.........WOMAN, and Rosa is my name

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