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How Rude! Posted on Thu, Mar 01, 2007 03:59
I was on another personals site today; when out of the blue I received a private message from a woman who said she liked my profile. After chatting for a couple minutes, she asked if I had a picture she could see. I don't have one posted on that site, so I went ahead a sent her a pic. (The same pic I have here.) About a minute later she replies, "never mind, you aren't worth my time". At first I was in shock at her rudeness. Then came anger, and then humiliation. I started to tell her off, but instead decided to just log off and try to forget it. I know I'm not the greatest looking guy in the world, although, I thought I was at least decent looking. My face is a little scrunched up in the pic from squinting due to the sun, but I still think it's an ok picture. Well later, I ended up going back and looking at her profile. Her profile had a picture. Now the thing is, this woman looked horrible. Her face was all sunken in like a drug addict, she had horrible features, and even appeared to have a slight mustache. After seeing this I don't know what made me feel worse. That someone was so rude to me, or that I was rejected by someone that looked like her. I was wondering... has anyone ever had something like this happen to them? Should I have told her off? Should I get a new picture? Or maybe just a new face??? j/k