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Any Suggestions About My Profile? 102 Views 07/09/08
My profile is up and so are the pictures but I have this nagging feeling that I could do so much better. Does anyone have suggestions that may help me project the person I really am yet still keep it simple? I'm an open book and I guess it shows. But does it show too much that it drives others away instead of peaking their interest? Perspectives from both men and woman are welcome!
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Good Men -- Are You Looking For A Good Woman? 146 Views 07/09/08
Hi Guys! I thought that maybe the blogs would be a good place to let the good guys know that a good woman is available and seriously looking. I'm honest, caring, loving, proud of who I am but not so much that it borders on arrogant. I'm laid back and somewhat quiet and even shy at first but once I'm comfortable -- watch out! I'm working hard on not being so shy so bear with me! I am not desperate -- not in the least. What I do feel is that life would be so much better if there would be someone to share it with. All I ask are a few simple things. Please be honest. Don't play games. Be ready to commit to a serious monogamous relationship. Be able to love me as much a I love you. I'm not perfect so please don't expect that -- I don't expect it from you. Be able to work through the bumpy spots with dignity, grace, and understanding. Oh, and please love animals. I have parrots and can't see my life without them... I'm willing to relocate if necessary should the time come when we can't be apart anymore. Are you ready for a new adventure? I know I am.
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Birthday/Special Occasion Club Anyone? 65 Views 07/08/08
Would anyone be interested in a birthday and special occasion club? I see it is a breach of rule to solicit personal info but I don't see the harm in exchanging our user names and whatever else (maybe just a month?) of the bday/occastion to acknowledge? If they'd let us share emails we'd be able to send ecards but... I did contact Customer Service about having ecards available at some point since we cannot exchange email addresses... Thoughts or suggestions about how to proceed and still stay within the rules? I don't mind keeping the list and posting in the blogs periodically. I just don't want to get booted out for doing so...
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A New Day 75 Views 07/07/08
Well, another day and a bit better. Thanks for the comments. This is tough and only gets harder with each passing relationship. I guess when being disappointed becomes easy then you're probably too jaded to be in a meaningful relationship to begin with. But moving on...it helps that my niece had her baby. A very handsome young man named Nikkolai. There were 4 generations of family in the hospital room yesterday. How awesome was that? I wish I could write more but I have a few things that need taken care of. Once I sit down to write I often forget when to stop so I'd better get moving along. Peace!
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Well I *thought* I met "the one" 256 Views 07/05/08
After a very long search I thought I found Mr. Right. After 9 months of dating, the man even showed me my engagement ring the other day. It's supposed to be getting sized. Yeah, right. I ignored all the signals that something was wrong, I believed his excuses every time, and today I heard him on the phone with another woman. Just when am I going to learn? But I can't sit here and cry all day. All I can do is thank God I learned before it was too late, pick up the pieces, and move on. Were it only that easy. I don't think I'm asking for much. All I really want out of life is to be loved and wanted for who I am -- a caring, warm, loving, sensitive, and loyal woman. Yeah, I'm not perfect. But I'm not looking for perfection either. I just want a good man who does his best, knows his priorities and has them straight, and above all can commit his heart and soul to just one person and not play games. Just where did all the good guys go? Sorry for the sobs, but I just need a shoulder to lean on right now... But the shoulder that I loved is gone. It feels so odd to be here again. What are the days going to be like without the phone calls, my hug, that smiling face? Only time will tell...
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