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No Pics Guys? Seriously!! Posted on Sun, Apr 29, 2007 12:33
Why is it that a lot of men on this site don't post pictures? If men respond based on what you look like (don't lie, y'all do), then why can't we women see what you look like? We like to see who we're talking to as well. And I can't speak for all women, but just because we're big doesn't mean we don't care what your face looks like. Here's what I notice: On "regular" sites, most guys post pictures, but I notice that on plus-size/BBW sites like this, most men don't post pics. Is it that you don't want to be seen by your buddies looking for BBWs, or that your wives might catch you trying to find a sideline "fat girl" to sleep with? For me, it's a red flag if I don't see a picture. Nowadays it's not hard to post a pic online. If you want it uploaded it can be done easily. Even if you don't have a digital scanner or camera, find a buddy with a digital camera or scan a picture at the local drugstore. When I see a profile without a picture, what comes to mind is a man who is either unsure of himself or doesn't have honorable motives, and neither is attractive. We all come on this site looking for different things, and I respect that. But at the same time, being with a BBW is not "settling" and most of us are not "desperate" women who will (or should) accept anything a man throws at us just because we're different than what much of society thinks is attractive. Many of us are beautiful women inside and out. Some of us do desire and deserve a quality mate. A man of quality is one who is willing to put forth EFFORT to get the woman he wants, regardless of her size.