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Posted on Fri, Mar 07, 2014 21:34

Well today im inspired many of you folks are asking the same question that is in the title is it worth the time??. and i can answer this question if  you need to someone  quick come to your life well the answer is  no!!! absoluty no!!, go out t  there and make some friends this isnt a site where going to find a easy solution an easy way to find your mate its design for that but in the reality only 5% of the dating  succeed we  have more chances to win the lotery that find our soulmates in a site like this.


why? we came with the previous subject the profile you can put anything i can put that  im charming confident, funny open mind well whatever, but reality when you meet the person in real life well you can see that its have nothing to do with the profile you see and that you dont have nothing in common, 


Also having anxiety problems and panic attacks doesnt work here you get too frustated because some people here that you want to meet  have their standar to high or they are  just here  for fun. and you get dissapointed i dont blame thats why i write this blog to express what i see


But if your the lucky 5% of people who is dating right now good for you, truly i will make you monument to you


so tell me are you  the 5% of people who have succeed and meet that person in real life or you are the other 95%

comments are free of charge and likes too =)

When the lives with you lemons make orange juice its much better =) if you like post a comment also if you dont like post a comment

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