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CHOCOLATE Posted on Tue, Apr 18, 2006 00:00
OK lets talk about the flavor, I LOVE IT, it satisfies, nourishes, and can ease the pain (if administered the right way). Not to mention there are so many varieties of it, theres white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, bitter,(Im drooling as I type this) basically so many types how could you not find a flavor you dont like? I find its kinda like people there's so many varieties its virtually impossible not to happen upon one you will like. My personal favorite (in people and flavor) is DARK CHOCOLATE, although I have dipped off in white chocolate before, and that wasnt half bad :}
The EVILETRY of Dating Posted on Fri, Apr 14, 2006 00:00
I say this because it is true. Dating can be great (of course) but for alot of people out there it has brought them ALOT of EVILTRY. Let me help you out so I know that you are properly pronouncing it-its "EEEVILETREE" Now let me describe what I mean by this, why is it you can meet somone who is sweet, kind, and giving, but you just dont find yourself attracted to them (no, Im not shallow). But you'll readily give your heart and all to someone who will only give half or none of themselves to you, they take you through all sorts of changes, lie to you, and occasionall throw you a bone by doing something nice for you, or occasionally showing you partial affection. NO I AM NOT DESPERATE, but I KNOW I am not the only female to have gone through something like this before. No mind you I have tried to make things work with people that were sweet and kind and seemed like they would give me the world but my heart just wasnt in it, and I didnt want to lead that person on and hurt their feelings (Im not a good pretender). But see in return life turned EVIL for me and gave me someone who to sum it up in a EVIL-NUT shell is less than worthy of all that I have to give. Now you might be asking "Why do you put up with it?" Well truth be known alot of females are in the same predicament, and so why do ANY of them put up with it? Im not sure, yes self esteem is part of it-but not all, I guess I can say I feel stuck. NO-this is not a pity-party just being honest. Any suggestions are welcome.