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Posted on May 03, 2006 at 02:05 AM

hark there in the dark woods of life >>> whom out there would like to hold my hands ?? is thy maiden out there ?/ to hold and to cuddle thy one to behold an heart to share ones life be it may i am just a pauper an pauper whom to help others is more to be glee of thy heart i have seek lands and beyond the shores , now-ith i seek within thy this darken forest i live in an land of south australia ,but who of thee out there would be thy maiden to be with ,loyal and loving to each ones hearts whom could one accept as one whom is shy ,never tied thee knot nor of no kilt beside of the closet of skeltons has been bare thy heart broken of lone less to share and be with some other i am honest or has that been thy promblem of thee have not been out for the shy one within thank you whom out there could marry thee ?? the leaideepness profile is there to be seen for all of the lands out there thanks

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