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I don't want to be BBW : ( Posted on Fri, Oct 20, 2006 15:54
So the truth is, I hate my body. I am a confident person and express my opinions: I just am not confident with my body. My whole life I have been 'over weight' even as a child. I have curves, tall, people are always saying I am gorgeous...But I don't feel it and I don't listen. I have been on a diet and fitness plan and so far it is working. I have lost 20 inches overall so far and 10 pounds. (toning muscles more than loosing weight) I am doing this for me! I feel unhealthy and disgusted quite frankly. It's not like I want to become an anorexic bone thin girl. I want to be beatufil in my eyes, not in the eyes of the beholder. Anyways...I waas wondering if i could get some encouragment. I hope none of you will think less of me; I need positivity more than ever. Just talking and sharing experiences would be nice. You guys ROCK! Kissy PS: I really do need encourament!!