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Posted on May 14, 2006 at 07:56 PM

Hello All! I am sure some of you may remember me, whereas most of you won't, so I'll introduce myself! I am 29, single, never married and no children. I am a Social Worker and work with battered women, I am also a huge animal lover. I love photography, travelling (I have been to 10 countries, lots of stories surrounding those trips!) getting together with friends, whether it is for dinner, drinks or just to hang out. I like to cook, I love to read, and I love movies and music. I am an honest and open person who is looking for chivalry; what ever happened to it? I think it died along with bellbottoms, women's rights, and the whole peace generation. Call me old fashioned, but I want a man who enjoys opening the doors for me, who wants to treat a lady like a lady. I want a man who can have an intense conversation, and not lose his S**T over it. My absence from this site was because I had met someone (from another site) and we were together for about a year. What made it all end? Lack of substance, lack of spark, and intimidation. He said he was intimidated by my intelligence, wit, and humor, all of which he knew about BEFORE we ever got together. (We talked as friends for about a year and then decided to meet and take things further). I guess I want a real man who can deal with a real woman who is honest, endearing, extremely loving and caring, and I don't give up easily on anyone or anything! Is it too much to ask for me to find someone I can love and who can love me? I'm really not asking for much! I hope to hear from anyone who reads this (male or female). Is it really that difficult finding someone or am I just out here in loserville???

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