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Where am I headin? Posted on Sat, Oct 17, 2009 18:24
What's the name of that song ... Evergreen? %Do you know where you're going to% I'm sorry I can't clearly remember the rest of the lyrics, it's old school. Anyway, there was a time I knew where I was going, what was ahead and where life was leading me. I got divorced 10yrs ago and my son was 10yrs old; needless to say he is now 20. Anyway, for the last ten years I concentrated on forging ahead, making ends meet, succeeding at work, making ends meet, etc. You get the picture; a man and/or relationship was nowhere in my list of priorities. Well, this January I purchased my home which is fully furnished mainly with new items, new carpet and paint, just painted the exterior, other than landscape the place looks really nice. I even bought my dream dog, a standard Poodle, named him Antoine. But now what, other than working, cleaning house and tending to Antoine, what next? I'm not lost I just feel that I've been so passionate and have had tunnel vision for so long that now that I've reached my goal, I don't know how to relax and I don't have a partner with whom I would like to do this, whether it is a love interest or friend. Am I strange, uncommon, abnormal or just tired and possibly in a rut? Not crying the blues, just want to know if I'm normal.