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Being right and being real Posted on Jun 19, 2010 at 07:20 PM
If the shoe fits wear it... There is a class of women that needs morel support more more than others, and it's time to listen to what mature men have to say about it. There is a code of silence to quiet peoples real open expressions on a womans attribute, and that only stops a supportive pipeline thats in front of you. Before you make statements about what a man has to say, read it more than once to get a clear understanding on what he's saying... At the end of the day 1+1 =2 and ABC then comes D Man & woMAN have to exist together and for life for humanity to continue both genders have to come together and mate, to produce human life. It's what created us all. Men have alot of respectful supportive things to say to women and it's time for women to listen with understand, which will build stronger relationships. If the man is not a match with u don't settle for less, look for your match, because your match is there, providing your looking with realistic traits in mind. Women living a bustylife are jewels and they need support, as well as women that are not living a bustylife. Remove self from the MAtrix way of thinking, and begin healing one another through supportive means...
300 in less than 30 minutes Posted on Jun 16, 2010 at 06:37 AM
Making online is still alive and well if your ontop of your game! Yesterday night while the Lakers was playing Boston a friend of mine asked me for a Live stream to watch the game. cause he was working and they did not have no TV's in the place just computers. So I found the feed. Then I though about it, I instantly grabbed the source code and placed it on the front page of my social platform for women, and I tweeted, put it the official facebbok page, and I put it on a microblogging sites thats ranked 8 with google. And what do u know I have 300 visitors that flooded my social site for women. it was a beautiful thing to see. So stay encouraged and get professional advice when marketing your business online. it can be successful but you have to be ontop of your game! Out of respect for this social site I will not say the name of my social site.
My Friends Metro PCS Drama Posted on Jun 14, 2010 at 10:24 PM
After a full day on working on online projects, one of my female acquaintance had a problem with her cell phone, so I went down to her place and try and get it fixed for her. She had a replacement phone but I was not working I spent about 1 hour trying to get it to work, but Metro pcs said it was the phone, so she will have to deal with the minor issues right now... She seen what I be talking about, cause when u work your mind, u become more tired then working your body, and I'm still up grinding working on perfecting a social platform. All in a days work of a Digital Developer.