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NEW YORK Posted on Mon, Jun 19, 2006 06:59
Well I'm thinking of coming to America in October / November so any tips from you New Yorkers
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British women v American women! Posted on Fri, Jun 16, 2006 02:43
One month in to the site so could be way off! However I do find that ladies from the USA are much more free and happy to chat if you send a wink/smile but the British Ladies don't come back to me often. What I'd like to know is that down to shyness or the British expectation of a man and if that's the case why would you come on a site such as this? I am looking for love and as much as I enjoy all you American Girls it's not easy as I'm a single Dad of two young girls so hoping on a plane is out of the question, so if I found a soul mate in good old blity life would be easier. So shy or are you particular?
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Do women realy want us Big lads???????? Posted on Tue, Jun 13, 2006 06:10
I joined this sight because of its name LARGE friends, but the amount of women out there still look at me funny is staggering. In the big scheme of things I?m far from the biggest, and it would be nice to get someone who will look at me for the person I am inside, who is warm, loving, cracking sense of humor, and a lot of love to give! I don?t know it may be this is the same for you ladies?
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