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Ris, Where R U ? 72 Views 12/03/06
I was simply smitten when i saw her picture, I thought of the Miles Davis song "Wait til you See Her". Fine with a capital F-I-N-E. Does any one know this lady? Her profile lists her as RisRanDer 3. I would be enchanted to utter a few words to her. Can u help?
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y do blk men like bbww, but sistas get no love? 501 Views 12/03/06
Is it my imagination or is there a disparity? ALL bbw's are special and should be appreciated for the wonderfully complex creatures they are. It seems some brothers are uninformed and consider white bbw's as seemingly weaker and easier. some of us have it twisted, thinking that white bbw's are sexually starved and DUMB. It simply isn't true. that's my word.
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