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Let's talk about honesty! Posted on Sat, Jul 22, 2006 16:36
Yes, let's talk about honesty. Honesty on this website and in a relationship. What's up with these guys who tell you all this good stuff about themselves and don't follow through. Like, I'm looking for a long term relationship...I'm an honest and loving person...Last person to tell me he is an honest person didn't know the meaning of the term. We lived together for 2 years and he didn't once make love to me. "I love you, I miss you"...yeah, right. Then make love to me! Why didn't he tell me upfront that he couldn't make it happen anymore. Excuses too many to repeat...not tonight...I'm too go to bed first and I'll be in there in a minute...yeah, 2 hours later when I'm asleep he sneaks in and goes to sleep. Oh, and I know this is my fault...he moves out at my request and actually owes me money for the phone bill. Using my phone to talk to other women he met on this site and, of course, denying it. Does he think I don't look at the phone bill? He still thinks that some day he will come back and take advantage of me again. It's not happening. Hear that Dewain?
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