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Men, Patience,& there such a thing?? Posted on Thu, Jun 22, 2006 00:00
I have a couple things I am just wondering about...#1 being, why is it that sex always tends to be such the hot topic? I LOVE sex just as much as most any Guy, but there's sooooooo much more to me than my sexuality. This leads me to #2, Are there any guys that are willing to wait anymore? Wait to find out all those wonderful intimate details that are best learned in person and SHARED with ALL of our natural senses(ex. touch, smell, etc.)?? I am a very open minded woman, a very sexual woman,(tho I DON"T just give it away) a very strong and confident woman with a huge heart and deep mind. I may not score over the top in IQ numbers, but I have an A in life lessons. I am positive that there are plenty of good, REAL guys that can hold out and hold other kinds of stimulating conversations, it would just be great if one could come my way. LOL I've met some really good guys, just not one that has a whole lot of patience and that can hold out, which means he eventually loses intrest.Am I just holding out for a dream? Am I truely being "old fashioned" for this day and age? I know and am very aware of what I'm up against in the cyber world.. but for these guys that say they truely want a "good" woman, I'm REAL and good(not meaning to come off as vein, or cocky here), but if you really want the whole package...isn't it worth waiting on????Guaranteed... the man that can hold out and show me a mutual strength, respect, honesty, and patience as well as developing a mutual interest in each other,is going to get every bit of what is worth his while. just a few thoughts I had to throw out there, with hopes of getting a better understanding... :)
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