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Attention Ladies: Y'all raeally need to hear this!!! Posted on Sun, Jun 18, 2006 18:36
This is for all of those ladies here that are looking for the Perfect Man or a Normal Man or a Real Man . . . <> THEY DON'T EXIST!!!!! NEVER HAD!!! NEVER WILL!!! LET IT GO!!!!! I'm pretty sure that this doesn't come as a shock to most of you. This is mainly for those select few that probably was involved with that one crazy-@$$ dude that messed it up for every other male on the planet trying to do right for themselves and the ones they care about. Like me, they get up, go to a job that they probably can't stand to deal with people they rather not associate with, but they persevere knowing that there's a weekend around the corner so as to be with the ones that really matter: family, friends, significant others, whatever. Mistakes have probably been made in the past, but he chooses to keep them as they are--in the past. He's probably gotten to the point where he can wipe away the tears, dust himself off and is ready to continue ahead with his life journey. But you know, just like a typical male, he won't ever ask for directions. That's when he needs a navigator at his side. One that will accept him for who he is. As long as we have someone we can count on to ride shotgun, our past journeys shouldn't matter as long as we agree on the destination.
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