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Back to LF Posted on Jun 20, 2007 at 12:20 AM
i am back to this largefriends group once again i wish i had not left i have missed you all you all are my friends i am just glad to be back i look forward to posting amd commenting on post you all take care
just a little venting Posted on Jan 14, 2007 at 04:52 AM
i just need to vent for a second sorry you know all i want is a nice singel lady whom i can treat like a queen like she should but treated and hope i get the same treatment but is seems as tho i can't attract a single lady in the last 4 month there has been 3 ladies that have come to me and has tryed to have something more then friendship and i am not one that will help someone cheat i have had it done to me it is the WORST feeling ever so i am just wondering if i have some type of an advertisement on my for head that says OH PICK ME i will help you cheat? cause that is not where near the case SO i ask is there and single good women out there that is looking for a nice kind caring guy? no MARRIED or has a BOYFRIEND
Happy new years Posted on Dec 30, 2006 at 10:37 PM
I just wanted to wish you all a happy new years. May all your wishes and dreams come true in 2007
Meet and greet Posted on Dec 06, 2006 at 08:52 PM
I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in having a big get together somewhere in southern Califorina? or maybe we cam come up with some more common ground
A note in your lunch box Posted on Oct 28, 2006 at 02:49 PM
If i was a frog would you kiss me If i was a prince would you stand by my side If i came to your aid would you let me care for you If i brought you to my place would you let me cook for you if i sat next to you would you let me rub your feet If you feel asleep would you let me carry you to bed If you were to show me your love i would show you the world
Men of size Posted on Oct 24, 2006 at 07:18 PM
I have read a post on here that got my mind wondering about something so i ask are women really attracted to me of size IE ( BHM )i know as a man and i only talk for myself but i am about 5'10" and about 300lbs ane when i tell people that i wieght that much they don't believe me but when i look in the mirror i feel like a gross pig and how could someone look at me and think i am sexy so i just wonder do women relly like men of size?
Where does your name come from Posted on Oct 21, 2006 at 10:03 AM
As i have looked throught the blog's i look at someone the names and wonder how did they come up with that so i ask Where did you some up with your name? mine i have always loved white tigers but it seems as tho when i would try and make a name it would not let me have whitetiger SO....incert whitetigger and that is how i got my name oh and the 909 is the area code i live in lol
Question for the Ladies Posted on Oct 17, 2006 at 10:41 PM
What is your feeling about wink's as to an E-Mail? Do you prefer one over the other?
I could only wish to.... Posted on Oct 17, 2006 at 10:16 PM
I could only wish to be by your side I could only wish to make all your dreams come true I could only wish to wake up next to you I could only wish to be your one and only
My stab at poetry Posted on Oct 16, 2006 at 07:19 PM
you have the eyes that light up a room. They are are the window to your beautiful soul. My only wish is to be next to you. To comfort you in the good and bad. you truely are the one. You are the one who put a smile on my face. The one who brighten's my day. I can only hope you will be my one and only
WHAT IN THE........ Posted on Oct 10, 2006 at 10:18 PM
Hey i just wanted to see if i could make you look and smile i hope you all have a great day ;)
Bread winner Posted on Oct 10, 2006 at 12:28 PM
i was just wondering if we really care who the bread winner is? I myself do not care who the bread winner is i know some people it is an ego thing i am just curious to see what others have to say
Southern califorina Posted on May 01, 2006 at 11:29 PM
any one know of any clubs that big guys are excepted as humans and not viewed a something less then human if you know of any let me know please you all have a great day/night