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So long and thanks for all the fish.... Posted on Apr 09, 2007 at 10:52 PM
Hey guys, long time no see Well, it's about time I leave these parts for places unknown but thanks to this site, I do not travel alone. I have met an absolutely wonderful woman from this site and have totally fallen in love with her. Her name is Blaire and we have been together for over a month now and things are progressing wonderfully. However, I do wish to thank the site for all the good vibes and good communication I have had on here. I have made some really decent friends on here and some I know that will be with me for life. So as I am often fond of saying when I go off the air on my radio show Live free or die hard thanks alot Mike" Birdman"Dodd signing off....
HIGHEST RATED SHOW ON MY STATION! Posted on Feb 23, 2007 at 08:30 PM
Hey guys and girls, I have returned from my epic quest from media lands of far and away and braved the barren waste lands of the dreaded sweepsweek and returned a winner! I have been absolutely swamped here at school and had a few dates in between and well made some friends out of a few of them and so far, so good and the search continues. However I do return with a good news bit which may interest some of those who have followed my interprid and somewhat amusing adventures and sarcastic point of view on this boat we call life. We have been here @ Niagara college working hard to promote my show "This week in Geek" and our prayers were answered in a most unusual way, my program director told us that we were easily the most listened to and highest rated on the station! We kicked some major ass @ 90.1 FM! I am so happy to hear this news as I never thought of myself as a radio guy and I never believed this would happen considering who were ran up against. I mean we even made the paper and there is a good sized story just written on us being geeks and being able to bring it to the popular media :) wow, just wow :) Even this weekend, we go off to Toronto to go to our first Podcasting / Broadcasters Conference and it'll be our first major media event and we're hoping to give our two cents at a few of the panels and make our splash there. Anyway, That is just some of the good news I want to share here :) Even sent a few shout outs from here :) You all know who you are :)
GNOSIS HAS HIS OWN SHOW NOW!!! LIVE ON WED! Posted on Jan 29, 2007 at 09:04 PM
Greetings boys and girls! Fresh back from my first PSP party and do I have some good news for all those who you, who enjoyed the geek with the most this weekend :) I found out today, that I have been made co host of "This week in geek" Which is a weekly show which focuses on all things nerdy, geeky and just plain strange :) Hoping to do all sorts of things from movies,video games and technology and what show would be complete without cool giveaways and trivia contests. I am so excited for this oppourtunity that I have been on the phone all afternoon setting up contacts and promos for giveaways and all sorts of stuff like that. This is definately my element right now and am so excited for the show to go on. My host and I and shall take it to the airwaves of the Internet and Welland and surrounding area, as Mike "The Birdman" Dodd and Steve "Snowball" Saylor , it shall be stuff of legend and tales of epic legend. No, not at all excited eh? Our first show is this week and every Wednesday at 430 till 530 and we shall overload the Broadcasting section on the Niagara college :) anyway, I'll definately be mentioning this website as a source of info and for some interesting stories :) Catch all of you on Wednesday at 430 :) The Birdman cometh :)
Gnosis hits the Airwaves on Tuesday for LIVE radio show Posted on Jan 14, 2007 at 09:34 PM
Once again, here in the lands of Blogs and of course, I love to write and express and share the many ups and downs of my life, or what I call the unoffical episode of "24" Well as of Tuesday at 3pm, I hit the airwaves here at Niagara College and I am so looking forward to this position. It'll be cool as I'll be the afternoon drive time host for the afternoon show, so I'll be on from 3pm till 6pm. Normally I am not a radio guy but rather a television technical director and used to pushing buttons and fixing stuff like an engineer but this whole presentation thing has got me absolutely fasincated. I am not a shy guy by any stretch of the imagination and something about being heard by so many is appealing to me. We have a potential listenership of 40,000 and even more when you link thru the website, which I can't post here but c'est la vie. I have spent the vast majority of tonight working on my talk bits for my show and I am hoping to mention this site as I hit the air on Tuesday. Infact i would say that this site has helped put me in a better mood in the last few weeks and things are looking up as a direct result of some of the interactions I have had on this site. I really have to hand it to some of the members here for connecting with me and developing friendships and hopefully more as time goes on. If all goes well, tommorow will be the launching bed for a show that I am working to produce with my friend Pierce and our tenative title is Punk the dial which will be a punk variety show. The reason I am doing all this is mostly for self improvement to bring my radio skills more in line with my TV technical skills and to give something unique to my new hometown. Anyway, more updates after the show I suppose. If I am allowed to do so on air, I'll be sending some shout outs if possible :)
My 2006 year in review, my life reclaimed Posted on Jan 03, 2007 at 01:37 AM
s I always have done since I began blogging back in the summer of 2003, I always do a year in review and see what has happened over the past year and this year is unique in so many ways, some good and some bad but that is wherein the fun lays. The year started out with the promise of something new and exciting, I had applied to college just before the deadline set in and was ready go kick some serious ass and see what would happen with my life after I finally got my high school diploma after waiting around. Basically I needed one credit and picked it up during the summer of 2005 while I was waiting around between jobs and general travel,etc. I had applied to Niagara, Alqonquin, Mohawk, and Confederation and Conestoga and there I waited. However, now all waiting is done idley, I still I had a show I had to help produce and bring to air for Rogers Television in Owen Sound. I was the dedicated Audio department and was being groomed to be the technical director for the show and the mobile productions for which my producer Adam was working on. It was awesome and I actually produced a segment for the station's flag ship show which was bringing in Howie Gordon from Big Brother 6 :) It was my first real foray into the bigger media world and my chance to work some real PR experience I had gained from my days and seeing what I could pull off. Surprisingly the segment went well, and I had made my first hollywood contact and that lead to more and contacts and well, it's been a full little ride for the most part. The next big thing this year was the KIA Cup 2006 Mobile in Guelph,Ontario for a week :) It was easily one of the funnest and most demanding weeks I have had in a very long time. The days would start at 7 am and end at around 2 am most nights but let me tell you, it was intense, challenging and fun and definately made me appericate curling as a sport. I had a blast when I was there and I was only CG operator :) After that I had to pretty much go back home for a day and grab my gear and hit the road for my college tour of Ontario and do ALOT of testing. Now, I should add this is also when the teacher's strike was so my chances of getting tested like every other kid, kinda sucked but it happened anyway, I had hit a few colleges and was on every train, bus and cab you can imagine in southern Ontario. Still, it was an awesome trip all by myself across the province and i got a chance to just hang out and do my own thing out there and was a taste of freedom that i kinda missed in a weird kinda way. Anyway, I had to go to Orintentation thing at Niagara College and Conestoga in the same weekend in April and I headed out again to the open road and that is when I found out, that I got accepted at 2 of the 5 schools I had applied for. I had a choice between close to home and my now ex fiance and family OR Thunder Bay and the frozen waste lands of the North country, suffice to say, it's oblivous which choice I took. I accepted myself at Niagara and finally knew that my path for the next 3-4 years was indeed set in stone and it was time to kick some serious ass out here. I had taken on more responsibility at Rogers and was now a full time technical director for almost every show and mobile production except for First Local and the OHL mobiles and that was fine with me....I wanted to be at home at some point. I had taken on more directing duties and producing more things in conjuction with some of the other production staff. The summer was one series of mobiles and editing after another and truthfully I don't remember alot aside from that. However I did have another major Public Relations victory into which Master Replicas had us at help run some of the San Diego Comic Con entertainment and that was fucking awesome :) I had noticed this year, I was going thru alot of changes emotionally and perhaps more so then I had realized. My ambitions had become absolute paramount and I was determined to go out there and take the world by storm and I was not going to let anyone stand in the way of what I felt was mine for the taking. It was empowering to know that I was one of the only kids that I knew that had to head off to college to do something other then a minminal wage job or slaving away for no real pay at a call centre. It was awesome to know that I was going into a field into which I knew I had found my calling within and all from a volunteer position. During all this time, I also decided that I wanted full run of the college experience and there was a job opening for a Resident Advisor at Niagara College....hmmm and this gave me an idea. I applied for the job with no hope that I;d get it because of my inexperience with the whole college experience but I was proven wrong once again this year. I got hired on due to my public relations experience and the experience of being an older student entering college for the first time and my life experience could help others. My ex and I happened to be taking a vacation a week before my training conference began so we headed down to the Niagara region to check it out and see one of the most romantic spots on Earth and it was fun and then that when 2006 decided to take a different sort of spin on my life.... The RA conference was an experience was awesome in one light and in another, made me realize several truths about myself as the weeks pushed forward and I began training with my fellow RA's and my resident staff here at Niagara. The things that stick out in my mind is some of the kindness I was shown, a girl whom made me believe in stage magic again and seeing the world thru the lens of a camera as an observer to the event. School started out strongly enough and I was doing good in my classes and I even got a chance to go home and see friends and family, little did I know....that September 29th would the last time I would be able to call my friends friends and my fiance, just that.... it was the last time I saw any of them in the time that has passed. Things in my personal life started to fall apart.... Midterms....a stressful enough time all by itself but this was not all that would be added to my plate. My Fiance decided she did not love me anymore and decided to leave me on my Birthday and did'nt even bother to call....just an email and this was HOURS before I was to go home....suffice to say I fell apart....and I had tests to write that day. I troopered it and walked over to the college with my knees feeling like they had no strength at all and I broke down and cried in the lecture hall and my world fell apart... My teachers and a Doctor medically exempted me from some exams and sent me home... suffice to say the next few months when I had time to myself The rest has been pretty much documented here on myspace but I'll share some thoughts of the year. I'll tell you I did not expect to be where I am sitting now but in a way, I am glad that it happened rather then when I would have to deal with a messier break up and all that stuff. In a way, I have been given a new life to do with as I please, I mean no one really knows anything except what I tell them and this is a chance to let the Mike Dodd of old pass away and let, Michael, the Birdman regin supreme over his new kingdom and friends, and build a new empire from the ashes of the old one. It's an interesting perspective to see the world in this way, I feel like standing at the top and looking down at that big blue orb beneath me and letting a smile spread across my lips for the first time in a long time and knowing that that world down there is full of a new adventure and a new chance to do what I want. I mean, I have spoken at length with some of you what I feel my destiny is and where it'll lead me but I know with the right attitude it doensn't neccessary have to end the way that I see it but IF it does, I know I made a difference and I am ready for that. As the Rise against song says Wings won't take me Heights don't phase me So take a step But don't look down Take a step Now I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall I think I'm at the edge now but I could be wrong I'm standing on the rooftop ready to fall It sounds depressing but I don't see it as's time to take a blind leap of faith and This year, no more undeserved tears....I wear those tattoos on my arms as signs of myself and I'll take the path of the Man of steel this year.....hope for all and a chance to change the world...... This year will be different....
A need for revolution's rising...EDITED and stuff Posted on Dec 19, 2006 at 10:49 PM
Well here I am again in blog land and quite comfortable as such....what can I say? Usually I have alot to say and I like it when people read what I have to say, sometimes responding and sometimes not, but reading all the same.. Anyway....I am sitting here just kinda rocking out to the late hours of the morning and thinking about how music seems to be the great motivator in my life right now and just how it all seems to be coming together and most especially when I listen to Rise Against and Anti Flag and Billy Talent. I LOVE punk music, the energry, the aggressive riffs and chords but mostly I love the message and the power behind the lyrics. This would be one of the motivators as to why I am trying to become a musician, from what started out as a love of Guitar hero to actually getting ready to learn the real guitar to go out there and make music, not just for myself and my friend's expression but hopefully to say something like any other artist. Cliched, I know but I am going somewhere with least I think I am anyway, if anything just writing while I am listening to music just kinda helps the evening pass by a little more quickly and helped me get some this creative energry out. More so I have been listening to the lyrics of Rise Against and for the first time in a long time, I am really feeling that energry to get involved and do something to change the world and more specfically I got motivated to do something when I saw the video for "Ready to Fall", do yourself a favor and watch it, it's powerful and painful to watch to a certain extent. I am thinking about what issues I would like to bring to the front, my background a native canadian provides ample material but I think I could bring out something different other then usual stuff, while not trying to be pretenous or god forbid, emo... while there is nothing wrong about emotioally powerful issues and the loss of those powerful emotions, it just seems that music industry seems oversaturated with these bands right now . Like everyone else, we hope to be unique. Still, I think we'll be able to bring at least our own take on life, the universe and everything and if we have fun while doing it, that would be the important thing right? I can HOPE to make a difference somehow, some way right? Like anyone interested, I'd like to bring something out that would be remembered, like the old 80's power ballards to which I am a HUGE Fan and other classic 80's tunes like Pat Benatar's Invincible (I REALLY WANT TO COVER THIS ONE). Anyway, back on track here.....I've gotten really fired up just by hearing a Martin Luther King Jr clip in the song "9/11 for Peace" by Anti Flag and by the same token, the lyrics and the emotional enegry provided by Anti Flag's "One people,one struggle", those kinda of songs make me really want to go out there and fight whatever it is that is making our world a dangerous and sad place to live in. Ernest Hemingway once said, I think The world is a great place and worth fighting for... and I truly believe that with all my heart that is true. To show what kind of age, that I am coming from, there was a video game when I was a kid called "Revolution X" and it stared Aerosmith...yes..I'll wait for the snickers to stop but it said "Music is the weapon" and it made me think of the impact groups like System of a down, Rage Against the Machine and U2 have made in the effort to make the world a better place. I can only hope to be some small part of the solution, I realize it's at best a difficult task and at it's worst impossible, but I believe that somehow the world can change and perhaps music is one of the keys to doing so and if I can reach even just one person with a message, or scratch that, an idea so that they can interprut thier own message and make the fight thier own, then that is what I want.... Just some random late night thoughts, now to go back to plucking chords and just crusing around :)
An introduction of sorts and some rambling EDITED Posted on Dec 18, 2006 at 08:13 PM
Posted on 18-DEC-06 Well, I decided to try this whole blog thing here, I figure this might be a way for people to get to see how I operate and perhaps get a bit of a feeling for my personality as oppose to simply reading a profile. I joined this site to see what was out there and my friend Kevin introduced, his name is Chilli101, he most definately kicks ass. I have looked around this site and so far have been very impressed by alot of the girls I have seen on here, not just physically but just how some of the profiles have been written, some do give an insight into what they actually want and a peek at who they might be behind the text on the screen. I'm hoping that someting good comes out of all this and that eventually, I find something. Now that sounds like a loaded phrase, but allow me to explain a touch further. I'd like to find a good friend that would hopefully evolve into something a bit more or perhaps be taken wonderfully by surprise would also be a nice touch as well, and would be better then any christmas present I could imagine.....well maybe not a Nintendo Wii.....yeah just kidding....I'd trade it all for just a warm smile Yeah kinda cheesy huh? But believe me I mean it I'd like to find someone who is a cool counterpart to me, I mean someone to help balance the equation that is me. I love just spending time with someone and debating the finer philosophical points of life, politics and weather or not Superman is better then Spiderman......which he is but I digress. Finding that connection that you can share with someone is something, I'd easily travel the world over if I had the resources too but like all of us, we are limited in scope and resources into what we can accomplish but I do believe for the right person, a person can move mountains just by force of love and will alone. I've been in love before and the power it had in me, drove me to do all sorts of wonderful things and open up a new world of possibilities to me. It's something that I do miss in my life but as with all things life, it's best to wait for it to find you and I am hoping this will make the process a little, I would hope it's as not easy because finding love should NOT be as easy as typing in a URL but maybe speed up the process a little bit. Well that would be a bit of a ramble now, would'nt it? If your still around, I should introduce myself a touch further and give a little bit of background that perhaps the profile doesn't cover Name is Michael, and my native tribal name is Moon Bear (ask me how I got that sometime) and I am 25 years old. Truthfully I am surprised I made it this far, I say this because I am willing to do almost anything for a laugh, think Jackass and Viva La Bam and you'll have an idea on the types of injuries I get in a typical year sometimes :P Anyway.... I am in college for Broadcasting- Radio,television and Film and that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for me . I have already worked with Rogers Television and thus kinda sorta knew the "biz" before I got into it but College was a way to expand my horizons and hopefully get a decent pay cheque playing "Johnny Hollywood" so to speak. More involved on the technical side of things but I do love to Produce and direct tv shows, I've directed a few episodes of some of the shows we ran out of my old station. About the coolest thing I have done is produce a show in which I got to work with Howie Gordon from Big Brother 6 and 7 and help him run some of the PR duties to get him back in the BB house this past summer. I knew once I got the taste of that, I knew where I had to go, and not just for the fame and fortune everyone assumes is there, but the fast paced world of production and Public Relations. Infact, Howie wrote me a letter of recommedation which helped secure me into Niagara college and it was definately worthwhile to come here to school. Anyway....more about me....I have a wide range of hobbies and interests. I am basically a pop culture junkie and usually excel at the trivia games like Trivial Pursuit and of course DVD sceneit, which is one of my fav past times, just sitting around and playing a board game or cards with friends and talking about everything and nothing. Photography is another hobby of mine, I especially like doing hockey photography and am now exploring photo journalism as well as time permits. I love movies of all sorts and especially TV on DVD, namely 24,Smallville and the Gilmore girls :) I love my drama :) I love Music and actually am learning to play the guitar right now with the help of my friend Pierce and so far....well I still suck but I do love to sing if badly. I'm usually big into Punk but also have a good old fashioned love of rock and roll and pretty much all genres, my favorites bands are Rise Against, Billy Talent, Weezer, CKY and am developing a softspot for Rush,and Megadeth. Hopefully if all goes well, we'll be able to start a band and I'd love to do a cover of Pat Benatar's Invincible :) I like to write, I love to blog about everything and nothing at the same time. I find that writing just helps me express myself like it should but it does something extra. I have wrote a few stories and most recently wrote a treatment for HUNTER:THE RECKONING for TV but we'll see what happes when I write a show bible and try and pitch the idea to someone. When I do write I like use elements of Lovecraftian horror and maybe a little bit of Laurel K Hamilton wit in there. Hmmm,all I really got for now Anyway, Hope to hear from someone soon