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Why Can't Men Cheat? Posted on Aug 29, 2006 at 08:58 AM
I was watching a discovery show on se*x. It detailed the urges and physiological mechanism the propel men and women in there efforts to find a suitable mate. According to the scientific explanations men are compelled to mate with as many women as they can in an effort to spread their seed. While women are driven by need to find a single suitable man to pair bond with in an effort to secure a lasting relationship. So I ask this: Would it better if women could accept and allow men to have their transgressions as so long as they are discreet. And so long as they don't abandon her?
Gay -VS- Straight Dating Posted on Aug 17, 2006 at 11:35 AM
GAY- VS- Straight Dating I like to watch this MTV dating show, "NEXT" from time to time. The premise is that you have 5 potential dates for the evening. If you like the person the date continues, but if there's something about them that you feel you don't like you next them. At new date gets off the bus, and the dating continues. I recently picked up on something that I've pondering for a while watching. Why is it when gays date sex is immeidately on the table. This is usually not the case for straight people My theory is that gay people have no expectation of longevity as it relates to the relationship. And are therefore more willing to live in the moment, and enjoy being with that person. While straight people mostly go into a dating scenario with some expectation of building something long term an monogamous. And it's this expectation that keeps us from satisfying our attraction for the other person.