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Blog title: Why only sex!
Blog description: Why is every man I meet interested in only one thing? SEX A relationship is more than that, can't we get to know each other before LUST kicks in?
My blog address: http://LargeFriends.com/blog/dixiedo
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Lonely in Fort Wayne 14 Views 11/03/06
This town is big and has lots of great activities but when you are alone it might as well be a one horse town in the middle of nowhere. I have lots of time to explore and have visited many fine attractions but again when you are alone it isn't as much fun. People look at you strange when you start talking to them about how wonderful that piece of art is or do you think they would take less for that hurricane lantern? I guess by now you get my point. I need an activity partner. Is there anybody out there?
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Just looking! 10 Views 04/16/06
Where are all of these great guys that are looking for plus size women? And when you do find a nice guy all he wants to do is talk sex! What's up with that!
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