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Blog title: Return from Aussie
Blog description: I have been a member of the site for ages. But not had any real success in finding someone to chat to, so I have taken a 12 month break. Logged on today to find a bigger and hopefully better site. Will stick around and see what happens.
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What ever happened to real men? 198 Views 02/22/09

I recently had a lengthy discussion wiith my granddaughter about the first great love of my life. I told her about how he use to open doors for me, stand back and let me enter a room before him, pull my chair out from the table etc In other words how respectful and courteous he was to me and other women.

She listened intently and then asked the million dollar question"what ever happened to real men?" She explained that the men she knew were so different. Most lacked basic manners, were pretty self centred and more concerned about getting their needs met than considering hers. Older men she observed were now more concerned with growing old and having trophy wives to give the illusion of youth.

Her comments stopped me dead in my tracks and I had to really think about her question. The roles of men and women have changed significantly in my lifetime, but it seems to me that we have lost the art of courteous behviour towards each other and I think she is right about us all becoming more ego centric.

What does anyone else think???

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Does hair colour matter? 141 Views 10/18/08
I recently saw some amazing photos of my favorite actor Helen Mirren in an article about older women (over 60). She looked not only very attractive but the author commented on how sexy she was. My question to all the males out there in the over 50's range is this: are you attracted to women with grey hair? My co-workers all say they prefer blondes or brunettes. But when I questioned them further they were also referring to younger women. Does hair color matter?
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Which part of not interested did you not understand 104 Views 09/29/08
I made a comment some weeks ago about receiving emails from men younger than my son and my suspicions as to their motives. I have spent the past few weeks being harassed by such a male who did not seem to understand that I was not interested in him and yes I did consider the age gap a factor. Three emails later I had had enough and have had to block his emails. How do nicely you makes someone likes this understand that when you say I am not interested it means just that?
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A thought 192 Views 08/15/08
I have been told and read that being overweight is an attempt to avoid relationships and intimacy by building a wall around yourself. I seriously thought about this until a real friend sent me this quote; '"I have built a wall Not to block anyone out But to see who loves me enough to climb over it"
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some time later 220 Views 08/09/08
Well it has been a few weeks since I rejoined Large friends and what a surprise. The blogs are amazing and so are the people who submit their thoughts for us all to read. I love the poetry and the honesty. Great to know behind the net there are real people. Love you all. You make my day and uplift my spirit.
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Why Me??? 217 Views 07/31/08
I reactivated my account just recently after checking out the site and finding it very changed and soooo interesting. So I thought. So far I have received winks from much younger men - some more than half my age. While I am most flattered I am also a little concerned. Are these guys for real or is this a scam??? Any advice.
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where are all the eligible men looking for BBWs? 136 Views 07/25/08
Are there any interested/interesting men on the site from Texas? I am hoping to visit there next year.
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Big girl from Oz 471 Views 05/23/08
I am a large plus size woman from Australia looking to chat and make friends. Check out my profile at Diva115 and lets chat.
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