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Johnny Damon at LargeFriends? 494 Views 08/22/06
I was just checking out some of the blogs and came across a picture of New York Yankees center fielder Johnny Damon. Some joker who calls himself chosenone has posted Johnnys pic as himself. It's an older picture, before he shaved and cut his hair, but it's Johnny alright. Maybe I will post a pic of Brad Pitt on my profile....You think anybody will be able tell it's Brad and not really me????? Can you say LOSER....
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be honest about your age 513 Views 04/11/06
Is it just me, or do some of the ladies on this site blatantly lie about their age when filling out their profile. I mean, if you are gonna lie about a year or two , that's reasonable, but.... I opened a ladies profile today from the instant messenger list that stated she was 35. Well, I won't mention any names, but there is no way this woman could have been thirty five years years old. Unless she posted a picture of her mother by mistake. Anyway, I do not mean to insult anyone who has posted their profile on this site. I just think lying about yourself right off the start is no way to begin any kind of relationship.
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