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Posted on May 10, 2006 at 07:51 AM

I do love life, and I still posess a trust in people to be honest. Even though I've had some really bad internet experiences, I believe that there are some men out in cyberspace that can be genuine. I would love to have a very physical relationship with the right man. I think about that often. I just don't want to be booty call. I want someone who will talk to me, call me, share a little of himself with me. You know, a relationship? NOOOOOO, not marriage! I don't need a man to feel fulfilled, I want a really honest friend and a lover. Let's have some fun in our clothes before we head for the bedroom. It makes that all the sweeter. Oh, yeah, and the caring part...I am passionate about social justice, which we don't see much these days. If you're a racist, a super-conservative Limbaugh Republican, please don't apply. I'm not up to the task of having a really intelligent conversation with you to change your mind. Other than that, bring it on! Do you like the water? I love the ocean, the beach, small lakes in a canoe, waterfalls, and babbling brooks. Do you know where we could go to find some? I can do indoors too. In fact, I have a pottery wheel where I can throw you a pot a la Demi Moore... ha, ha. The weather is calling me. My flowers are blooming in my yard. What a wonderful respite from the darkness of a long winter in the north! I be writing more later. Surprise me with something good. I believe in love and the goodness in a man.

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