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when people post "i am looking for fun" Posted on Mon, May 01, 2006 01:31
When people post that they are looking for fun it could mean 1 of two things "fun" as in a friend with benefits or "fun" as in someone to share hobbies etc with....I usually skip over the profiles that say fun because the guys usually arent reffering to the latter.
you know what i hate?? Posted on Mon, May 01, 2006 01:28
I hate when you start dating someone and they dont tell you enough about themselves and later you find out that NO they dont have a car to come see you 50 miles away that you have to go and see them 4 times a week! I also hate when they tell you they are working and have goals in their lives but you find out that they sit around and collect unemployment and dont want to get a job suddenly because they dont trust you enough to go to work so you can have your night out with the girls! Thanks for listening!