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  • Do you think you can really find true love on the internet and if so how long is long enough to wait to meet the person face to face?

  • I'm asking because im new to this but open minded and most of the Ohio men i've met are uhhh welll errrrrr pretty blah.
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Why do plus sized women feel like they have to settle ? Posted on Jul 25, 2012 at 10:26 PM

I often wonder why plus sized women, more so then men, feel they have to settle for the first man that shows some interest in them. every woman has something special about them that draws a mans attention without them having to settle for just any man regardless of what he has to bring to the relationship.

I'm a plus sized female who has my own and even though there are times I just want to feel a mans touch or his soft lips on my skin. I refuse to settle. I feel i have a lot to offer a man and our relationship so why would i be willing to grab onto the first man who comments on my looks as a plus sized woman?

I'd like to know your opinion on this subject, as it may help me better understand what men as well as women think and perhaps it may also help me to help someone else out there.