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Why large women are so much fun! Posted on Fri, Apr 14, 2006 02:43
The stigma has finally been broken through. Large women are SEXY..we are sensual, sexual and extremely loving..You do not need to impress me..just be yourself..let's have fun..I love to dance, cuddle, snuggle and there isn't much in the way of sexual experience that bothers me, as long as I enjoy my partner..Being a businesswoman allows me to travel a little more then most..I am glad to finally be able to shop in regular stores, and have specialty "up end" catalogs that have beautiful clothing for us big all you me who finally have the ability to stand up and say you like large women..Kudo's to you..May all your lives be blessed, and may you find that special woman whose heart is as big as she is..and as for me?? Betsy Wollett