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Blog title: Blog can be good
Blog description: This could be a great way for members to chat. Unless what we write is censored. So let's see where this goes. I would think if it's for real, people could make comments that would make a mystery out of discovering how to send a message to someone's e mail account off here...first to get this posted then go from there
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stood up story Posted on Wed, Nov 22, 2006 21:07
At 47 I had never been stood up till that night. I asked him to accompany me to a formal event and he said yes, this after we dated a few times. I bought the tickets as I has asked him to go. Bought a new gound, shoes, bag, hair and nails done, the whole nine yards. Saw him that morning and everything was fine and he said he might be a little late not to worry. So I didn't worry, I got ready. And sat and watched the clock tick away. I called his cell and the house and he didn't answer. I cried, changed my clothes and never heard from him. That was a year ago. Why would a person do that to another person? I took a picture of myself when I was still happy, waiting for him. I look at it now and then to ...heck I don't know why makes me sad to remember that night.
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