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R.I.P the Ram. Posted on Dec 03, 2009 at 08:52 AM
Hi ya. Sort of carrying on, where i left off. But... my fuse must have been damp,or something? Anyway, as i aint been on here at all, really (too busy doing other things), it seems pointless keeping my profile up. Besides,i'm 'dating' again...sort of caught me by surprise, just like Ozzy did. So i'll bid a fond farewell, to all the ewes who took a shine to this Ram (you know who you all are. xXx). And i'm off now, to graze in another field. Be happy.Be good. And remember, the person you seek, is seeking you. xXx Baz.xXx
I GOT IT FOR XMAS. Posted on Oct 09, 2009 at 04:12 PM
Ok...i know i aint posted anything,since i've been back. And i know some of ya would like to keep it that way, ha...but... If you could have 1 Christmas present from your childhood,given to you, AGAIN,for next Christmas, what would it be,and why? Think mine would depend on how old i was. Because as i got older, each year my likes and dislikes would change.And what was 'FANTASTIC' one year, would probably be broken or 'lost' under my bed the next. i said 'present', and not 'toy' would have to be my/our first dog, Bob. He was a black Labrador. Boy, what i wouldn't give to see him again(reaches for an imaginary tissue,and blows hard), what a bond we had...mmmmmm! I think i was about 10 or 11 when we had him. And he was 13 weeks old, and so tiny, he could fit in my shoe!
I'm back 2. Posted on Jul 13, 2009 at 09:39 PM
Hi ya fans. The 'Silence' of this Lamb,has gone on too long! Lock yer doors,and take yer pills... ...and enjoy the ride, that's gonna be full or thrills. Baaaaaaaaa!
DEPRESSED? ME???? Posted on Oct 30, 2008 at 08:23 PM
Perhaps some of you out there, might like to share too? 1983, that was such a bad year for me! I was in love for almost 3 years,then it ended. The break up hit me BIG time,but i was powerless to prevent it. And when i ran out of tears, my attitude towards women, work, friends...LIFE, changed. I slowly cut myself off from EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY. I wasn't interested in love,or long term relationships at all. No romance = NO PAIN, that's how i viewed it,and how it's been, and i think, still is? In fact, i know it is! And to those who have tried to get close to me,not only in the real world, but on L.F's too...i'm sorry. I'm sorry i didn't let you get as clos to me as you would have liked. SORRY x. But this is due to being touched by the black hand of Depression! I'm not suffering as bad,as some poor people do,with BLACK thoughts,but it's there...and pops up every now and again,just to say "Hi, remember ME?". Last year (August 2007) i just walked out of a well paid nothing. I worked there for 7 years,while still dealing with being depressed.I was NOT a happy bunny. But in Feb'08, i went to see my Doctor,to get myself sorted out,(after 25 years) as,at the time, i was 'happy' just to let my world crumble around me, and not lift a finger to stop it. I'm now on 'happy pills',but not out of the woods yet. Since 1983, other things have also contributed to 'top up' the depression(too many to list), but having my heart broken in '83 started the ball rolling. Has anyone else suffered from derpession, as a result of being a 'casualty' of love? Too much info????? This might explain things to some people? xxxxxx
WHY?????????? Posted on Oct 29, 2008 at 02:51 AM
I've just spent the last 4 hours, watching undercover footage, and video clips,of mans cruelty towards Pigs, new born Piglets,Cows.Chickens, a so called 'animal park' in China, where they throw live Goats,Lambs and chickens to Tigers & Lions, for the amusement of a paying crowd. The Goats & Lambs,were thrown from a height of about 25 feet to the ground. There were quite a few Americans cheering things along. I also watched ( on the PETA site) footage of the Chinese fur evil they are to the animals. Skinning them alive, then throwing their still living bodies on top of other animals, still alive, looking into the camera lens, just staring, blinking at ME. I can't imagine ,just how much pain,those poor creatures must be in.I knew certain ...'people', from certain countries, are a cruel to ANY animals. But how long does this have to go on, when there is evidence of cruelty EVERYWHERE. The film i watched at a pig farm, in America, was disgusting, they were just a bunch of sadistic scum, hell bent on inflicting as much pain on the Pigs as they could get away with. This is just a little rant, from the Ram, but cruelty of any kind, to man or beast just makes my blood boil. but how long will this cruelty to all animals, all over the world be allowed to carry on? Click on 'Chinese Fur Trade', and see for yourself, how low man can go.