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Big Women: Big Love 372 Views 01/05/15

Hi, everyone! I hope you're all well. I just wanted to let everyone know (if you don't already) that a new reality show on Lifetime premiered last week (New Year's Day) called Big Women: Big Love. The premise of the show, of course, is to follow these plus-sized women around as they traverse the whole dating scene. One episode in and I'm already anxious to see how this plays out. I think it will be on Wednesday this week. Check your local listings and let's talk about the show. God knows we all have our stories. Let's see if theirs are any different. Take care! Hope to hear from you. :)

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Hi, Everyone 169 Views 12/26/10
Someone added me to their favorites list the other day and I came here to find out who. Naturally, it's been so long since they did that, that they've hidden or closed their profile and it is no longer available to me. Well, while I was here, I cruised the site and decided to check out the blogs. Before MSN shut down the message board/communities, I used to love commenting and weighing in (pun intended) on different issues affecting fat folks. I've been a member here for years, although not very active and reading others' complaints about people lurking and not commenting has moved me to stop doing that. Consider this a Get-To-Know-Tarrbaby virtual cocktail party. Who wants to play bartender?
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