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A two-sided problem Posted on Wed, Jan 09, 2008 22:15
Okay, as I'm on a bbw site, perhaps I can speak candidly ... I sincerely hope that I don't offend anyone. I find some larger women very beautiful, very attractive and sexy; and there is a two-sided problem with this. The first problem is with me: Society does not accept or understand my version of beauty, and it's complicated. I don't find women beautiful BECAUSE they are larger, there are certain features that attract me. But the bottom line is this: I'm on my own, I can't share the feeling. It's not a big problem, I'm accustomed to it. But I feel it every time I see someone beautiful. It's rather isolating. I wish I could say "wow, look at her! Stunning!" ... But I know full well that most would not understand. I'm on my own. The other problem runs much deeper. The fact is, every time I see a bigger girl who I find very beautiful, she is typically dissatisfied with herself. Quite understandably, she wishes she were thin. She blames herself, she resents the stigma etc. ... and she doesn't believe me (or anyone else) that she is beautiful. This is the great tragedy: the self-loathing of beautiful people. It hurts me to see, and I'm powerless to change it. The reality is this: We are all beautiful, we are all worthy. We all deserve to be happy but we can only give ourselves permission to be happy, regardless of the tastes of the majority. To all the beautiful people in the world, I beg you to please choose happiness. Cherish yourself. I am happy with my personal disposition, confident that my personal tastes in beauty are my reality ... and I'd love to share it. But I'll only do that with people who appreciate that I am sincere, and who sincerely appreciate themselves.