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These Days Posted on Sat, Apr 01, 2006 11:13
Well its a Saturday and i survived the first hellish week Ive had in a while. Today is filled with domestic duties and relaxing,I love the look of a spotless house (boy do i need to get out more often). I have been on here only a short while and conversed with some interesting people. Some you MUST appreciate their honesty, others you wonder why they are not on America's most wanted pervert list....OK enough venting for one day, I'm back to the mopping of floors. Have a great one.
Do I dare? Posted on Thu, Mar 30, 2006 15:45
ok, this blog thing, sounds simple enough. Started my new job on Monday, this 5am-9pm takes some getting used to. Dialysis is a new field for me but so far one that i find interesting. These long days will allow me the freedom to be off more during the week. Finished manicuring my yard last weekend, quite proud of myself the lights in the flower bed look nice,so now onto the next project maybe some tree planting in the backyard. Getting geared up for my mini vacation the first week in May to the Frio River, ohhhhh what fun, just chill and float down the river all day talk about relaxing...just counting the days.
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