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To all the lovely real people on this site who are sincere in their pursuit of finding a friend, parner, lover, or a forever thing, please show caution when starting to get to know anyone....male and female alike. And under NO circumstances do you give out priveledged information. 

I have had issues with multiple ...

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Beware of Scammers 347 Views 04/18/12

To all the sincere poeple out there attempting to meet real people, be very cautious with the many scammers that are out there now a days.  Those that within days are "In love" with you, can't wait to meet you, think you are their one true "soulmate'.  Now i'm not saying that it isn't possible to really meet that one special person for you....I'm just asking you to be cautious.  Do not give out your personal information.  If they want to talk, great, but you call them and block your number.  If they have some sudden a tragedy and require you to send funds to help them...please do not be fooled...they are scamming you and some are pretty good too...but don't be taken in. I do believe if it seems to good to be true...then it usually is. 

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