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  • Just a little daily snippet of my world..Very small in the grand scheme of things..But since crazy stuff always happens to me I thought I would share share..LOL It's much bettr when your laughing at yourself to have others laugh with you, so enjoy, and feel free to comment...
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THE PLAYERS BLOG Posted on Dec 18, 2006 at 12:05 AM
Alright.... so I bet you are all wondering what this ones about, so let me explain. Amuse me and I were having a conversation tonight about life, love,drama, dissapoinment,joy etc. etc. etc. and we were comparing some war stories and we got on the subject of Players. And we thought what a good idea for a blog. So here I am 3 glasses of wine later and this is the idea. Our inquiring minds want to know are you a player or have you been played by a player.We want all the dirt.Please dont post stuff about how this guy or girl only wants to talk sex, that would be better for the cyber monkeys blog. We want stories of ONLINE bad player behavior only!Please dont use this as a forum to get back at someone cause you feel slighted because you e-mailed a few times and you never heard back from them, we want to hear the buyer beware kind of stuff.Since I know the blog fairies will be monitoring I know that none of you will abuse the blogging rules(gmafb).Dont be shy I read the blogs written by people who have been emotionally dragged through the mud by someone they met on-line on here all the time, so I know the stories are out there, so why not put them all in one easy to read blog, that can be used as a tool for people to learn from. ..Actually I am just really Oh and in case I havent told you guys lately..You all ROCK..Stay cool -RR-
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