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Blog title: Olivia's Meanderings....
Blog description: Some questions, some thoughts, trying to put it all together.
My blog address: http://LargeFriends.com/blog/Olivia2691
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butterbll? 188 Views 06/13/09
Are you willing to give us another lapband update?
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Finally... 96 Views 03/30/09
a new show coming on TV that is suppose to use "real" women. Here's the link: http://tv.yahoo.com/show/28908/news/urn:newsml:tv.reuters.com:20090330:us_fox__ER:28527 Let's see how the producers/directors see "real" women.
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Body Issues or not... 213 Views 03/16/09
My last post had me pondering body issues and how I came to accepting myself. The first awareness came when I got a computer. The WWW opened up a whole new world of other fluffy people. The confidence that they exuded in their blogs/websites flowed over to me. The next journey brought me to looking at my body differently. By looking at my body and examining every little nook and cranny made me thankful of the following: - stretch marks, my badges from pregnancy that I was able to be given the gift of a child - scars from surgery...my badges of having good healthcare that helped me heal - a roundness/softness that is warm and cuddly - empathy for those around me who are not "perfect" in many eyes - compassion for those who have not yet learned to love who they are So FLUFFY I am and it's not too bad!
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Why am I surprised? 133 Views 03/13/09
I went out for lunch the other day with a co-worker. I was telling her about someone I have been casually dating. She then said to me "does he mind your size"? This took me back for a second and I said to her...I never really thought about it and I don't think the men I have been involved with have either. There is more to me than the outside package...I am smart, funny, flirtatious,challenging,and told I am pretty. What more would a man want????lol. Thinking back to that conversation, I think it was her hang up. I also kind of thought that it was kind of a put down to men as well. What surprised me, I guess, that it even crossed her mind when I never think about it.
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Your opinion on Dating... 171 Views 12/23/08
I have been in contact with a few gentlemen. We have been emailing and talking. Now I am interested in getting to know 2 of them. What is your opinion on dating 2 men at the same time...and noooo not on the same date guys! I find it weird for myself but would like to get to know both men better. Does it seem to be "trashy" to date two men at the same time?
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Why do you use online dating websites? 201 Views 11/23/08
The first time I ever used online dating was about 6 years ago. There seems to be a stigma attached to online dating however I have found that it works rather well for my lifestyle. I think of it as a modern "letter writing" when communication starts. Written word seems to be so much easier to some than verbal communication. So why do you use online dating sites?
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Profile Pictures... 587 Views 11/23/08
I am new to this site. Can someone enlighten me as to why a man would post a picture of himself looking like he just crawled out of bed? What I mean by that is a profile picture of themselves sitting in front of their computer without a shirt on and hair messed up?
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