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Knock knock.................anybody? 369 Views 11/29/10
I see people in the chat room. Well I don't actually SEE anybody or hear anybody. I do look from time to time to see (there's that word again) if anybody logs on. There are a few familiar names that pop up but for the most part I don't get the sense that there's much traffic here. People blog but nobody comments. People start threads but........nobody comments. But the mods who run this site are ever the optimists and set up a live auction for phone numbers and people who want to represent his or her state. Nobody bids. I do check that from time to time too out of morbid curiosity. I wonder if the nice people who were brave enough to put themselves out there and put their numbers up for auction sadly watch as the timer counts down to ZERO and the bid stays at a whopping $0.00. I wouldn't have the guts to do it so to those of you who are about to not get bids.....I salute you. It's funny because I know people are out there. I have the winks and emails to prove it. Not many but still, it's proof that SOMEBODY's out there right? Somebody's looking, surfing, even lurking at least right? I am. I'm in a good mood right now because it's one of those rare occasions when I can watch my 49ers beat the you-know-what out of somebody. That's probably also why I'm rambling. I didn't even know what I'd write when I started but I noticed the last blog was days ago wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Nobody commented. I did. Nobody else.
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One hand or two? 517 Views 03/12/10

I noticed a bunch of different styles of pictures here.  There are the ones who hold out one arm like they're trying to reach for something on the top shelf (I did that one) and there are people holding out both arms like Superman.  A lot of women have pictures of themselves in bride's maid dresses or standing next to some poor dude we can't really see but know used to be there by an eyeball or the corner of his mouth and maybe 2 teeth.  Whoever this dude is he was clearly happy when the picture was taken judging by the sliver of his face I can see.  I'm not forgetting those of you who have webcam pictures where you're nonchalantly looking at something off to the right (sometimes left but usually right) perhaps with a slight grin or look of too-cool-for-school boredom. 


Anyway, we all chose the pictures we decided to put up for a reason. Who knows what that reason is?  I don't like posting pictures of myself because I think I look stupid, dorky, or like I'm trying to look cool, but I'd probably never get any attention if I didn't post anything.  I honestly will almost never look at anyone's profile if there isn't at least one picture.  You know, now that I think of it, there isn't really even a point to this.  I'm bored and rambling.  I wonder if I should even press submit or if I should just abandon it and go to bed..........




Sorry world

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I'm a star anyway 126 Views 03/05/10

Like others I'm not interested in a "star" anymore.  My star stops shining in the beginning of April and I won't be renewing my membership.  I still think I'll check in from time to time but I'm pretty sure my run here is over.  There are some wonderful ladies here and I wish all of you the best of luck.


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I'm Totally in LOVE 329 Views 02/17/10

I didn't mean for it to happen.  I was in Best Buy minding my own business and I saw my love from across the store.  SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!  It was love at first sight and I knew I had to have her.   I got up my nerve and walked over to her.  She's a big girl.  BIGGER than any I've ever had.  She was classy too.  I could tell right away she wasn't some cheap piece of trash.  Suddenly I saw another guy eyeballing her.  OMG!!! WHAT TO DO?!?!?  I had to act fast.   I knew I was being forward and had no right but I rushed right up and showed my interest before that guy even had a chance to open his mouth.  SHE'S MINE! Go find your own dooood!!  I made my decision right then and there......."Excuse me sir, is this the last 55" 1080p HD Philips TV?"  He said "I'm with Geek Squad. Let me get you a sales representative." 

To make a long story short I bought it.


Now comes the awkward part (you mean it hasn't been awkward already?).  I got home, took a deep breath and, with a guilty expression, walked into my room.  I felt my old 42" TV's cold, accusing eyes upon me.  I had to be open, honest and blunt but, at the same time, gentle and tactful. I owed that much.  I had to explain that I loved that HD TV as well but I had to move on.  We had good times together and I'll never forget my first HD TV but I just needed something more.  Besides it's not like we'll never see each other.  It'll be in another room and I'll still visit from time to time.  CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?  Sure.  Let's be civil about this. 


 Now my a$$ kicking is totally more enjoyable.  My nerd movies and tv shows are cooler, and when I'm kicking alien or Nazi butt or taking tight corners over some of the toughest tracks in all of videogame-dom the awesomeness level has gone WAY up.  It was expensive but we all need to pamper ourselves sometimes.  It's the first thing I've bought myself in a long time & it was totally worth it.

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