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what to do???????? 295 Views 04/13/06
well here is my situation i have benn on the dating scene for quite a few years and resently i THOUGHT i met the one, well him and i got married a few months ago and well. he is not the person i thought he was lets just put it this way he is serving 9 months in prison he wants me to stnd by him but how can i stand by someone who has lied about everything in his life up to this point after he was there for a few days i started to get phone call and meesages on his phone from other women and he ays that they are just friends or girls he talked to before we met but ????? how can i trust anything that comes out of his mouth, then i have had two men that were in my past just pop up and well both wanting something with me and both cliaming to love me and well one is very financially stable and well the other is quite hot but i am tired of all the games and lies and well my life was alot less complicate when i was alone. but i hate that alone feeling. i do love my husband in some wierd way i think i would not of marrried him if i didn't but i am so confused please if someone out there has some really good advice please help me
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