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How To Get The Guy Posted on Tue, Jun 27, 2006 16:04
Are any of you watching this show? This reality show (I usually am not a fan of these) is coaching 4 women from San Fransico on meeting men. The first episode talked about women looking at men fr 4 seconds and smile. This signals to the men you're open to them so then can approach you and won't feel like you'll reject them right away. If they don't approach you, ask then a question (what time is it, have you read this book etc.) to encourage them a little more. The coaches also talk about how we continuously date our "types" or within our social circle. They challenge these women to step outside their comfort zone and date someone that doesn't fit their preconceived "type" mold. Their point to the ladies - it hasn't worked yet, why do you keep working on failures? I have to admit, I thought it was crap, but doesn't it seem logical!?!? I mean, really logical, right? Maybe we make it harder on ourselves for not really opening up to the possibilities of something uncomfortable. When you have a big success in your life is it something that was easy or something that took a little courage? I've gone through periods when I've been open and it's been relatively successful. So I say, look at those men and smile away!!!! Subconciously invite them into YOUR space!!! I mean come on, all the single men in the world can't be smucks and we can't all be vollying for the EXACT same ones, can we?!?!